Curated – selected, organized, and presented.
Elevated – raised to a higher position
Inspired – to influence, move or guide

At Authentik Homes our Design Philosophy is… Curated – selected, organized, and presented. Elevated – raised to a higher position. Inspired – to influence, move or guide.


Curated, Elevated and Inspired Interiors …

…is more than a tagline to Authentik Home. We use these very principles to create the beautiful and functional homes our clients crave. We begin every project by curating a client’s existing furniture and decor. We elevate homes using the principles of, balance, unity, scale, rhythm, and proportion. We leverage all elements – color, texture, pattern, line, and form and take a home to the next level. The harmony between a well-designed space with an individual’s personal story leads to an inspired lifestyle.

The Authentik Story

During the recent shutdown, we all spent a lot more time in our homes and began utilizing our rooms in ways we never thought of before.

As the founder of Authentik Home, Andrea envisioned a way to make interior design more accessible to those who may not have considered their space as “design worthy.”  Everyone and every space can benefit from the principles that define superior design, it is our commitment at Authentik Home to curate, elevate, and inspire the best possible version of your home.

Andrea’s personal philosophy is that our homes reflect who we are and allow for each of us to live the best version of ourselves.  Our goal is to create distinctive spaces by utilizing and elevating the clients’ own possessions, as well as, prioritizing original art, handcrafted furniture, and one-of-a-kind materials to make your home just as Authentik as you are!

Authentik Home exists to create homes that are curated, elevated, and inspire our clients to experience their best lives. Through detailed planning, unparalleled service, and our creative knowledge, we deliver distinctive designs to make our client’s dreams a reality.


Andrea Freeman is a Southern California-based interior designer with 20 years of experience in residential and commercial designs. She has worked with leading industry furniture and award-winning design firms and is a graduate of the Interior Designer’s Institute in Newport Beach. With technical expertise and creative flair, Andrea’s unique approach to every project focuses on curating each client’s individual story into a dynamic space that supports, both functionally and aesthetically, their lifestyle.

Andrea’s experience includes working with various high-end furniture brands, Stage 8 Design Studio, Rite Loom Flooring & Construction, and K. Smith Interiors. Her background is diverse and includes visual merchandising, set design, event planning, and high-end interior design. Andrea is active in her community as a member of the Orange County Theater Guild, and most recently partnered on a project with the Muzeo Cultural Center in Anaheim, CA.


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